With modern computers allot of very talented artists are able to do a great job recording themselves, but turning those recordings to a finely crafted radio-ready mix may easier said than done. At Master Fade we combine 20 years worth of experience with great gear and the ears of a musician and pro engineer to give your music the best presentation possible.

We are one of the few facilities to mix in Apple’s Logic software with Apogee D/A – A/D converters for better than Pro Tools HD sound quality. Happy clients from various genres include… Rock, Hip Hop, Deep Bass Electronica, Dub-Step, Pop, Neo-Soul, Punk, folk and much more.

Mastering and CD/Digital Authoring:
The final step in the process where the individual mixes are sonically balanced and optimized for consistency as a whole. The process can correct problems in a mix such as to much or to little bass or treble in a mix or bring out buried vocals. It can also add depth and punch to a mix for a dynamic final presentation while achieving industry standard volume levels.

The mastering process also includes CD Authoring where songs can be crossfaded and time between songs can be determined, song and artist info can be encoded onto the master so that the information appears on modern car and home audio systems. We can even encode and upload your disc information so that your artist info, track list and album art are accessible via iTunes when the CD is inserted into a computer. Contact us for an appointment.

Need a place to record with good microphones, preamps and someone who knows how to use them? Master Fade offers Apogee analog to digital conversion and the right gear In all the right places to capture clean clear recordings of nearly anything. Clear detailed vocal and acoustic instrument recording, crisp tight acoustic drum tone, monster guitar tone… Master Fade has you covered.

Producer Services:
Some musicians and artists need more than just a place to record, they need a partner who has the ability to guide them through the entire recording process helping craft the artists unique vision while delivering completely professional results. A music producer must both lead and follow, be well versed in many styles of music, production and arrangement, a multi-instrumentalist with a good ear for pitch and harmony as well as excellent engineering skills. Master Fade can deliver this unique skill-set to your project, contact us for details.


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