Digital Download Cards

Digital Download Cards are the best way to for you and your fans to connect.

Are you looking for a new way to captivate your fans? Digital Download Cards combines the best of physical product with digital downloads.

We sell three different styles of download cards – Silk Cards, flexible plastic cards and thick plastic cards.

Traditional Business Model: You play a show, you sell your CD and the connection ends. They go home, listen to your CD and unless you had them sign up for your mailing list, there is a disconnect between you and your fan.  Next time you play in their area, you hope they show up….if they know about your show.

Download Card Model: You play a show, you sell them a digital download card. The fan goes home, goes to your website and they redeem the download card. In order for them to redeem the card, they need to enter in their name and e-mail address. You have their email address so you are better connected..they get your music, you get their contact info. It’s a win!

The backbone of our Digital Download cards is E-Junkie. Get 60 days free hosting from E-Junkie by clicking on the link below and when you use coupon code IMUZIC, you get 60 days free hosting.  You upload your tracks to E-Junkie, create an album and it’s simple as that. We’ll help you the rest of the way.

Contact us for our guide to integration.

Sign up with E-Junkie by clicking here – then, contact us for more information.

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