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John Dahl Honoré and his music & audio production company MASTER FADE located in Berkeley, CA have been exceeding client expectations professionally since 2004.

John has created music and sound design for companies like:

Google – YouTube / Sony Computer Entertainment of America / Konami of America / Starbucks – Hear Music / Hewlett Packard / Cintilla / Headsets.com and others as well as various Non Profit Organizations and Indie Films.

Licensed music to television shows like:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians / The Real World / Bad Girls Club / Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami / Fox Sports and others.

Worked on AAA video game titles like:

Guitar Hero™ / Rock Band™ / Karaoke Revolution™

Bands and artists like:

Con-Funk-Shun / Testament / Papa Malo / Virginia Ashby / Möbius Donut / Punk Funk Mob / The Harvey Cartel / Earl Zero / Dame Edna / The Christines / The Isabellas / Vinlawdin & The Caliband / Ishtar Monique / Eric Dibbern / Clown Car Jones / Devine’s Jug Band / Jimmy Sweetwater / The Mission Three / Chickenhead Johnson / Symphony of Distraction / Future Perfekt / Karyn Paige / DJ Sol Rising / Cynthia Sandoval / Bray and many many others.


Music Composition / Production / Mixing / Mastering / Audio Postproduction / Sound Design / Consultation and Producer Services


Partial Discography:

Con-Funk-Shun “Live For Your A**” Album -Engineer

Eric Dibbern “Bangkok Nights” -Engineer

Mobius Donut “Mobius Donut” Album -Mix/Master

Vinlawdin & The Caliband “Dropping Bombs” EP -Engineer/Mix/Master

Vinlawdin & The Caliband “Lord Of War” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master/Co-Producer

The Isabellas “The Isabellas” EP -Engineer/Mix/Master/Co-Producer

Piero Amadeo Infante “Pappa Malo” Album -Mix/Master/Co-Producer

Punk Funk Mob “Revolution” Album -Mix/Master

Symphony Of Distraction “Pudwhack” EP -Master

Symphony Of Distraction “Call It Off John” Album -Master

Devine’s Jug Band “Terrible Operation Blues” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master

Jimmy Sweetwater “Jimmy Sweetwater” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master

The Mission Three “The Mission Three” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master

Chickenhead Johnson “Chickenhead Johnson” Album -Mix/Master

Future Perfekt “Future Perfekt LIVE” Album -Mix/Master

Karyn Paige “You Know I’ll Always Love You” Single -Mix/Master

Calling Morocco “Outside Providence” Album -Master

DJ Sol Rising “I AM SOUL” Album -Mix/Master

Bray “The End Is The Beginning” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master/Co-Producer

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